Walking for the bus through the arroyo this morning, I thought I had already passed the mostly-buried barbed-wire fence on the edge of City of the Sun property. I broke into a jog, and soon realized my mistake, as I lay on my hands and very painful knees in the rocky gravel, cursing. My foot had caught the top wire and I had gone down, hard.

I still made the bus, and got my shopping done, but right now I'm one hurtin' sumbitch, staying home and cooking up a rabbit stirfry for dinner, self-medicating with Red Hook ESB and Kona Pipeline Porter. Some Arnica on the knees might help, too, but for now they don't seem any better.

Bought a copy of American Free Press at Peppers today, thinking it was a voice of free Americans, only to be disappointed. It's apparently a neo-Nazi mouthpiece, spouting all kinds of anti-Jewish rhetoric and seemingly against all other non-white races as well. Denying the Holocaust, yet taking the bible as God's Own Truth? Gimme a break. How can some people see so clearly in one direction yet be so blind in another? Hard to fathom.

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