Some things I left out of my previous post...

It always rankles me how journalists and others use the term "anarchy" to refer to the rioting, stampeding, running-around-crazy crowds one finds in situations such as the fall of a government or the loss of an important soccer game. There should be another word for that. I was thinking "unarchy" or "disarchy" but both of those terms already have some history, with different meanings. How about "postarchy"? My theory being that chaos will reign after governments fall, but the sociopaths will soon eliminate themselves by their actions, and true anarchy can emerge from the postarchy.

Of course, everyone has a different idea about true anarchy, but common ground can be found in the lack of rulers (so how will we measure anything?) and a belief in the basic goodness of everyman. Contrast this with the prevailing belief in most societies that humans are basically flawed and need a strong government to keep them under control.

I saw the glass bulbs in the Dollar General yesterday that are supposed to automatically water your plants, by filling it with water then sticking it with the bulb part on top (sorta like an inverted vase) into the dirt. It gave me an idea: why not use a beer bottle? So I did. It's in my potato planter (an old tire), and it seems to be working. And it won't get broken nearly as easily as that thin glass thing that costs $2.00.

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