I've been fighting some uO (microorganism) that's been in the back of my throat since Tuesday morning. 60 hours later it hasn't gotten noticeably worse, so maybe I'll get off easy. However, my stool had bright red blood in it today, which my nurse neighbor said meant it was most likely rectal, not internal. Those damned UFOs, I guess, with those metal probes. All that technology and they can't use a little vaseline?

Waiting for a good rain to put the creosote in bloom. Steep the flowers, leaves, and seeds in boiling-hot water, leave overnight, and drink up to 4 cups a day for a liver cleanse.

Got another rabbit after sundown. He just sat in plain sight less than 10 yards away, and the first BB dropped him. I hadn't anticipated such good fortune, so picked up a pound of shrimp down in Palomas today and threw it into the stew. No regrets.

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