Two rabbits today, that's enough. Having a second beer, no point in trying again after the second one anyway.

I was edibility-testing a "weed" growing outside my neighbor's house, but found it today in a book: "sand peppergrass", another wild mustard. So now I know it's edible, no point in eating a whole 1/4 cup of the stuff. I planted some in my yard, hoping it will take off and spread before the rabbits discover it.

My oat options keep going down, down, down, but what the hell, if they expire worthless in 72 days I'm only out a few hundred dollars. But if, as I believe and hope, July oats climbs to $4.00+, I'll make at least $10,000. Of course, that's not money to most people, but it will buy me a few more solar panels and a few years worth of grain, which is all I will likely need to survive the coming storm.

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