A lot has been happening lately. Friday I got a dove which, when added to my rabbit stirfry leftovers and some rice, made two more meals, finishing another workweek with minimal food expense. But today I had to dip into my canned food because I spent almost my whole paycheck on my projects, leaving none for food and beer.

I heard that if you cut off the top 3/4 inch or so of a sprouted onion and plant it, it will grow roots. I'm trying it.

I learned how to make popcorn on a woodstove, and it is really good. I plan to write up a howto soon.

Sun Valley Hardware in Deming got 26-inch Amerityre solid foam tires back in stock. They're only about $20 each, but unlike the more expensive Nu-Teck tires, they don't fit the rims. I could force on the 16-inchers with the flat end of my crimp terminal pliers, but not this one. I'm going to see if riding on it will seat the stubborn bead.

I got longer lagbolts, 1/2 x 10 inch, today at Home Depot and successfully slept in my hammock strung between two 4-foot metal poles supported by 1/16" aircraft cable. That's for another howto.

Las Fuentes on Donaphan north of Country Club Road, by the Goodwill store, has a $1.99 breakfast special with chips and salsa. Good deal and friendly service.

The Hennessey Hammock would make a great sail, judging by the way it caught the wind yesterday. I'll have to test it on one of my HPV designs.

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