Got my first rabbit with my new Remington AirMaster 77 yesterday afternoon. I didn't install the scope on it because I want to use it at times when a scope is useless: like sundown, sunup, and moonlight.

In my dream the night before last, it was like I was an actor in a low-budget movie rather than in an alternate reality. I arrived with other recruits but the sergeant (who looked a lot like Anderson) was grumpy, and said "The jet's full". I just smiled and said "That's OK, I'll wait for the next one." He didn't like that reply for some reason.

Next thing I remember, I was at the destination, a huge one-story building. I got distracted and lost sight of the other group which had walked in ahead of me. I didn't see where they had gone, so headed towards the nearest office. Suddenly, the bag attached to my wrist started pulling me, sliding across the tile floor, to the other end of building. Doors opened automatically just before I smashed into them. Eventually I coasted to a stop, and there was General Bob, smiling his big old cheshire-cat grin. There was another guy in the office, getting printouts from a mainframe on cash-register sized thermal paper with Sandy's real name on it every couple of inches. That's about when I woke up.

In last night's dream I was carrying my daughter to her mother's house. I don't remember what the mother looked like but the daughter was a beauty.

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