Got a rabbit yesterday, but no luck today. Anyway, I only ate the organ meats so far, so there are at least two good meals left. Pigged out at the Pink Store today on garlic-covered steak and chiles rellenos, so don't plan to do anything but snack and drink beer the rest of the evening.

I've been worried that, despite my "no victim, no crime" credo, I might still be arrested for my mistake in open-carrying a firearm into the grocery store the other day. So when I went with friends to the Juarez airport to drop one of them off, and entering El Paso got asked to pull into the secondary inspection area, I was afraid my freedom was about to come to a close. But no, they were probably just profiling me because of the long hair and black clothing. The crossing from Palomas today was no hassle at all.

The thin-leaf yuccas in and around the arroyo have been sending up new stalks for about 2 weeks now. I have to resist the temptation to grab the free asparagus, though, because I'll have a lot more food if I wait for the blooms and fruits. I've got to get back into the mountains and check for the thick-leaf yucca fruits, which are supposedly sweet, like dates or bananas. I've been slacking off; I meant to go camp in the mountains at least one night a week, and I haven't been.

Rigged up a battery eliminator for my new Ryobi reciprocating saw today. Worked like a charm. Since I didn't buy a battery, had to search on the web for a picture of one so I could see which terminal was positive and which negative. Not that reverse polarity would necessarily have hurt it, but it might have. Works great on 12V even though it's designed for 18. Gotta rig a table for it to make cutting steel-belted tires easier. They'll make good sandal soles and brakes for my HPVs.

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