Got some training in Appleseed shooting techniques today, at 25 meters only. Best results, as expected, were from prone position, where once I got used to the gun and the stance I hit one within the bulls-eye and two more within 1cm of it. From sitting, I hit my first 3 in a 4cm square area of the target. Of the 2nd set of 3, two were in the square and the 3rd just outside (2mm) of it. From standing, I had two shots in, then one wild one 3cm from the target box. I was having trouble holding it steady, so called it a day. No sense wasting ammo, the shortage being as it is. I heard 380ACP ammo was going for about a dollar a round. We were using .22, which isn't that pricey but still hard to find.

Haven't been hunting again since bagging that last cottontail. I still have most of the jackrabbit meat uneaten.

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