Reported Discover's forgery to IC3 yesterday, but my bank reneged on their offer to revert the NSF fees. So it still looks as though I'm out over $100 due to their screwup.

Got a dove for breakfast this morning. I've hit a few rabbits over the past few days but they've all gotten away. Maybe I'll buy (oh, horrors!) some food today when I take the bus into town. Don't want to have to open canned food unless I'm starving to death. That Wolf brand no-meat chili was so bad, the neighbor's dog wouldn't even lick the plate.

Oh, and GreenFax didn't work out for me yesterday, had to print and snailmail the stupid thing. Customer support says that happens sometimes with toll-free numbers. Just lovely. Well, at least I'm not paying a stupid monthly charge for something that's only going to work occasionally.

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