As of 3 days ago, pastor Steven L Anderson posted the actual video of his beating and tazing, including the smashing in of his window by DPS officer J. Mitchell, who really seems to be enjoying his job in the stills posted on Steven's blog. Boy, they must have hated giving him his camera back and especially the footage from BP's own cameras.

My agave syrup beer is still not noticeably fermenting after about a week, but the pickling of the yucca blooms I picked yesterday seems to be going great, regardless of the little bugs that were in every blossom.

My rabbit meat had maggots in it this morning, and the meat was somewhat slimy, but I just deboned it and cooked it again, and have been munching on it throughout the day. Maggots are just food, after all.

I've had two articles featured on WikiHow over the past two days, the most recent being Run an 18V Ryobi tool using a car battery. Hopefully these ideas get more people thinking about living off-grid and sustainably.

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