At Lost Coast Brewery having a Downtown Brown and halibut and chips on order. I'm in third place, or would be if my vehicle were registered. Crossed the Eureka finish line about 1643 despite getting a bit lost at the Manila Community Center. Hard to remember to follow the road all the way around, and there are no signs.

Met Linz, Eric, and Dave of the Bikin' Fools team this morning and got registered. The cops hassled me out of the plaza area so I couldn't run the first 3 laps, but I went down the side streets like last year and past my team at the Lab. They never caught up with me. I passed the Hippie-Potamus on the Manila beach and saw Ron of Marimba One with the pit crew. Someone was stuck at the beach exit so I went around them and had Dead Man's drop to myself.

A lot of sculptures are using tires made out of welded black plastic (polypropylene?) that someone told me was storm drain tubing. If I could keep it packed flat and join it somehow on arrival, it ought to work fine for my idea: a vehicle with a large knobby on one end and paddles on the other. Two outrigger knobbies for stability and flotation. Seat swivels and slides forward and back to put the weight where needed.

The halibut was pretty damned good. Better for sure than the places in SF I tried.

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