When Sushi Spot told me there was a waiting list yesterday though there was plenty of room at the sushi bar, I started going back to Tomo. Today I had the butsuguri, a huge plate of sashimi for only $8.50. Well, maybe not huge but satisfying.

If I get the sculpture with the oars built, a cute name for it would be "robot", with lines over the o's so it's pronounced "rowboat".

I didn't know Kokatat drysuits were made right here in Arcata. I was talking with a guy named Brent who has one but says he feels the sweat build up in it if he's not actually in the cold water.

Found small drybags called Aloksak that work for passports, money, bus tickets and such. Now if I could just find a ballistic nylon trucker's wallet with an aircraft cable lanyard.

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