Rained off and on last night, mostly off, but this morning it was heavily overcast, and there have been rumors of monsoon season starting earlier this year (July 4 is the usually-quoted start), so I got off my lazy ass and hauled my recliner, futon, and mattress indoors. Whew! Just stacked 'em one atop the other for now. But now I've got to relocate my hanging food storage, because the mice can just jump from the mattress onto it, whereas before it was high enough out of the way.

I bent the adjustment screw on my new tubing bender tool, before I even got the first piece of (1" square) tubing bent. Now it's fucked. I guess it's possible I can bend it back. For sure I'll try, but I've got to find a more secure place to mount the damned thing. All that torque has to sink somewhere.

I'll hopefully finish my rabbit stew today, and go out hunting for another one. I got gifted some pepperoni pizza yesterday, a welcome treat! Also a bottle of Ten Pin Porter, a very smooth dark ale with heavily-roasted (maybe even slightly burned) malts.

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