After some Googling, I realize my mistake. I must have read Mona Lisa Overdrive, and was confusing the characters and plot of that with Neuromancer.

While in Deming today, going out to see the new Starmax entertainment center, I stumbled across a trippy park, dug into the earth apparently for dirt to build up the I-10 embankment. Because it gets all the rain runoff from the highway and surrounding landscape, it has quite dense plant growth. There was a fairly large tamarisk with sweet-smelling pink blossoms, among many other specimens. Although the Starmax turned out to be a complete waste (it wasn't open at 11:15 when I passed, and I later heard that the bar doesn't even have its liquor license yet), that park made the trip worthwhile. There's also a red-roofed concrete structure in the dugout area whose purpose is hard to fathom. It looks a lot like what I took to be a cockfighting arena in Zacatecas.

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