Got Debian kind of installed on my new box, but can't get any networking, either wired or wireless. So I might use Vista for some things, but it looks as though I'll be using my old Compaq Armada for the day-to-day stuff until I figure out what's wrong with the drivers and/or setup.

The rocks weighting down my sauerkraut are getting moldy again. I guess it's time to repack the stuff in my quart canning jars; the fermentation is slowing down anyway.

Got some more rain last night, finally, but too gentle. Where's the goddamned early monsoon season, anyway? I want thunder, lightning, roaring rivers in the arroyos!

Bagged a cottontail this morning, just about sunup. Took me several tries, but when a ricochet broke a hind leg it couldn't move too fast any more. Time for a nap, now that I know I'll have some breakfast on awakening.

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