The butter I mentioned at the start of this month is still sweet, just put some in some unidentified cooked grains, probably barley, and it tastes great. Still working on that rabbit. It'll probably last all weekend the way I'm going.

Having to throw away all that cider and start over catching wild yeast is going to take a few days, all of which I'll probably resume consuming bottled beer. Drank 5 today, and might go to the bar later if the store is closed by the time I get there. It's an expensive habit, and I thought I was mostly over it, but the nature of wild fermentation means you get some surprises here and there. Ah, well; I can still afford such wastefulness, for now.

Reinstalled Debian, a 32-bit version this time. Both disks failed to install grub correctly, I had to chroot into the new partition, mount the CDROM, locate the mbr and lilo packages; install them using dpkg; and LILO the new partition instead. I don't know why grub tries to convince you that you have to overwrite the MBR. That's silly. If you set /dev/sda3 bootable, the BIOS will boot from /dev/sda3.

Anyway, it didn't help, except that now I have slirp working on a coLinux boot, which probably has nothing to do with the new installation. So now I'm able to upgrade packages and do other Linux shit under Vista, until I figure out how to get the net working natively. Most of last night I was backing up my old computer to this one over the wifi link. That's now done, and I've retired the trusty Compaq Armada until this one breaks, someone steals it, or some other misfortune happens.

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