I knew I should have packed my sauerkraut in sealed jars. Today when I lifted the lid, there was the same strange white spider-webby-looking stuff I've been getting on my last two batches of cider. I've decided it's just a type of yeast, though; it doesn't seem to be hurting the cider at all. Damned if I know why yeast would grow on sauerkraut brine, but whatever. I just skimmed off the top layer and threw it into my compost, then packed the rest into two mason jars.

Looks like some rain headed our way, finally. Hope it lasts all night!

So I'm a bit behind the times, say 30 years worth... I'm downloading three of the early punk rock albums, songs by The Ramones, Sex Pistols, and The Clash. I want to find out if it's good programming music. I need something to inspire me!

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