Even though the piece-of-shit tubing bender got bent all out of shape, literally, while bending 1" square tubing, it works like a champ on 7/8" aluminum round tubing. Didn't even need to use a cheater. Tomorrow I might be able to test my trailer with a front wheel scavenged from an old kid's bike rescued from the dump. And if this West wind keeps up, I might rig a sail and ride the damned thing to El Paso!

The nasty brownish goop started forming on two of my latest quarts of cider, so I scooped it off using the cheesecloth, replaced the cheesecloth with a clean piece, and it seems to have worked: 8 hours or so later and it's still clean. I think what's happening is that the flies, which land on the cheesecloth often, are dropping their microscopic turds on top of the brew, introducing E. Coli and whatever else their filthy little bodies are carrying.

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