Last night's rain was fine, but the lightning kept me too scared to stay outside and collect the water. Then the moonless night took over. I only got about 20 gallons.

I've all but given up on the Forth-ish Python idea. The paradigm is probably too foreign to Python coders, and the inability to modify the parent process's environment variables makes the stack only available within the current process. That pretty much obviates any benefits the idea could have. What I wanted, in case it wasn't clear, was a kind of super-Forth, with all the data structures and libraries of Python without having to code it all. And have directories be automatic dictionaries (vocabularies), and any file within that directory be a Forthish "word", whether it be a Python or Bash script or a compiled executable. It's still pretty vague in my mind. The problems only show their teeth when I make an attempt to actually do it.

I keep vacillating between biking to Burning Man and taking the bus. If I don't make up my mind soon, logistics will force the latter option. I've got about a month at this point. The conspiracy nuts (of which I'm a rather reluctant member) are saying the stuff is going to hit the impeller around the end of September, which could put a serious crimp in my "windsurf the Aleutians" idea.

Then again, if I can make it to Tokyo, I might just be able to live my life out as a character in a William Gibson novel.

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