Bought my Burning Man ticket on eBay today for $275. Just hope it's not a scam. I emailed the guy and he seems legit, though. It should get here Tuesday or Wednesday, and if I'm still game for it, I'll start my bicycle trip North.

Killed a rabbit Thursday evening but only ate some of the organ meats. Friday afternoon I still couldn't bring myself to eat any of it, so gave it to the neighbor's dogs, then went and bought two very expensive pizzas at the Pancho Villa lounge. They lasted until this afternoon, but still it cost way too much. Drove home how much I'm saving when I don't do that shit.

I'm back in the futures game. Bought one call option for September oats at 1.625 cents per bushel. It of course promptly dropped to 0.75 cents, for a $43.75 loss, but that same volatility could push it right back up next week. This time I'm selling once it goes up 2 cents, not going to hold on for a big profit. If I can make $100/week with this scam, it's good enough. Beats the hell out of working. With this kind of leverage, it's very likely I'll make money if I'm not too greedy, and I only buy my call options near a 12-month low.

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