Just got back from a trip to the laguna in Palomas, on land belonging to Jesus Martinez, who also runs the hardware store La Frontera. Luis and I got there just as a hell of a storm kicked up, blowing us along the path to the lake. Then when we got to the playa, the part of the lake bed which only fills up part of the year, the rain turned the hard earth into slippery mud, and I started sliding along it, blown by the wind, with no control. So I fell down, kind of on purpose. Luis had been smart enough to bring along a walking stick. I hope I remember to, next time. Anyway, we never quite made it to the water. The lightning hit close enough, maybe a half mile away, to scare me, since we were the only two things sticking up out of the ground for maybe a one-mile radius.

I would have had a grand time on a windsurfing board, even before reaching the lake.

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