24 hrs after the start of my journey, I'd made about 57 miles, 37 under my own power. Stopped at the Nutt Corner Bar & Cafe for a few beers. Joe, the owner and bartender, said it used to be the Middle of Nowhere Bar. Ordered a pizza, which he called "small", for $6. It was so big, and filled me so full, that I almost threw it up later.

The place is cash-only. Guess that's the norm in these parts.

Hatch Road, Highway 26, was bike-friendly with a paved shoulder for the first 27 miles or so from Deming. Not far after the bar, the shoulder becomes bumpy, then packed earth, then variously nonexistent to loose gravel. Approaching Hatch, with some welcome downhills, it becomes paved again but only randomly marked.

I slept last night not far from the bar, and started for Hatch about 0315. Missed my turn onto 187 at first, then went back and found it by the DoIt Best hardware store. Now I'm in the in the Arrey Cafe where I had a burrito and iced coffee. Good homemade salsa.

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