Took 313, the old Camino Real, from Bernalillo to Algodones, then had to get back onto the freeway. The trailer's really dragging ass, I sure hope the bearings aren't shot. Might have to scale down my travel plans and ship a bunch of stuff home.

I did manage to fix one problem: the piece of tubing that connects the trailer to the bike has been sagging to where it rubbed the tire. I found a broken sprinkler head by the road, gutted it, cut off the narrow end with my wiresaw, and used the resulting piece of rigid plastic tube to lift the connecting tubing another 3 inches or so higher, slipping it over the seat mount. The wiresaw broke in the process, though. Guess it got flexed to the point of fatigue in my cargo pocket.

Right hand is getting worse, not only numb but less control over the fingers. Got to get the handlebars raised. Meanwhile, I'm taking it easier on my hands and walking most of the time. Only made 25 miles by 5:30, to MP 251. Went to the next exit for iced coffee and green chile stew at the casino restaurant. Good stuff.

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