Made it to mp 13 of 285 by 1730 to complete 35 miles for day 10.

Breezed through Alamosa after finding the first bar closed early. The last milepost I passed on 285 was 34. Then about a mile away, passed mp70 on highway 17.

The chips I bought at the stores in Antonito, where I'd found both a bank ATM and stores that take plastic, are making my system acid. The almonds didn't do that.

No shoulder most of 17 but traffic is bike-friendly. And I had the road to myself for a lot of the way where the road was being paved. Stopped at some of the little towns for friendly service: the Mosca Pit Stop, and the Brazen Cafe in Hooper.

By 1730 crossed milepost 104 for total of 56 miles for day 11. Sitting outside the closed cafe in Moffat typing this, using my Start-It that I managed to charge while riding all day, using my Sun-Linq 6.5W panel strung with bungee cords (found on the highway) across the back of my trailer.

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