Shoulder widens to 6 feet or more at about mp 150. Was beginning to think this was a dry state, but on the outskirts of Vernal I found the Naples Country Cafe, which serves beer. Including two Uinta brews, Cutthroat Pale Ale and Golden Spike Hefeweizen (in bottles; nothing on tap). Ordered the Mushroom Swiss burger with fries.

Starting to plan some tactics in case I have to go to trial:

"Officer Kelliher, do you believe that the sight of your police car has ever deterred a driver from speeding? Yes? Then does that give you the right to pull people over at random, perhaps because you don't like the length of your hair or the appearance of their vehicle, and issue them a speeding ticket because they would have exceeded the limitexcept for your presence? Well, that's the moral equivalent of what you've done in my case".


"Officer Kelliher, please look into the judge's eyes when you answer these questions. Your honor, as all cops know and you very likely know, a person who is lying will avert his eyes. Police get special training to be able to lie without doing this, and even to be able to pass a lie-detector test, but I don't believe this officer will be able to avoid betraying himself if he perjures himself. Officer Kelliher, did you actually witness me urinating? Or standing there with 'my dick in my hand', as you put it? Or did you fantasize it? Did you want to see my penis so badly that you issued the ticket out of spite when you didn't?"

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