Woke up in a desert very similar to my own, except for the blue sage instead of creosote.Walked/biked the 6 miles or so to complete my base 30 for day 21. Naturally, I have to do a lot more than that if I expect to make the Burn under my own power. I'm still about 9 miles short of Roosevelt. Ideally, I'd like to make it to Duchesne today. Sitting in a cafe waiting for my huevos á la Mexicana and drinking coffee.

Back to last night: after one moderate climb, about 6 miles of downhill. In that area after about 134, I heard an intermittent percussive noise at about 4 or 5 Hz. Drumming, but I doubt by humans, and too uneven to be machines. Strange smell to this area I can't place. Maybe some kind of animal piss but I don't believe it's cows.

Shoulder varied between about 3 feet to well over 6 feet to about mp 126, where it's rarely wider than 2 beyond the rumble strip. It was gravelliest where it was narrowest, but at night I rode in the road anyway to avoid the road hazards.

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