Another problem with the shoulder on national route 40 in Utah. Besides being only 3 feet wide with a rumble strip right up the middle, it's also left rough, while the road is smooth. It makes a huge difference, believe it or not.

Struggling to understand the idiocy of people driving their ATV's, motorcycles, boats, ski-doos, and other motorized vehicles in their trucks to the lake or hills; riding around bsck and forth for hours; then loading up and driving back home. I was picturing these people with little airheaded happyfaces like the Wal-Mart or Yahoo! logos. Then it struck me. Speed is a drug! I'm not talking about amphetamines. I mean the effect on the body of moving more than about 3 MPH, normal walking velocity. Hence "runner's high" to the rush felt by racecar drivers and air force pilots.

A guy named Mike gave me a ride from mp 57 to the corner of 100 No. and University Ave. in Provo. About 69 miles, I figure by Mapquest. And I've still got two hours left to day 24. It was looking pretty bleak going up that loooong incline up from Fruitland, then bam! Everything is beautiful again. I'm at the F Stop Cafe here in Provo. Comfy place, friendly people, and wifi. Coffee too starbucky for my taste, but at 25 cents each I find it hard to complain too much.

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