At TGI Friday's for the first time in years. Met Kent and Queen Bee and enjoyed some cameraderie while drinking draft Cutthroat Pale Ale.

Took me maybe an hour to find the REI in this huge-assed mall. But I got their new design 4L Platypus bag, some new carabiners that fit over 1 inch tubing, a transparent drybag and some other stuff I needed and/or wanted.

My gears have been slipping intermittently since my last ride. Looked stuff over today andmy rear wheel is seriously warped. I mean, really bad. My bike will need a real overhaul after this trip, if it and I survive it at all.

Talked to a guy in the Paradise Cafe, and Craig at REI, both of whom have first hand knowledge of or from bicyclists who have ridden I-80 West of SLC and not been harrassed by cops. So the trip may still be on. Won't try it tonight, though. Gotta find a place to crash. It looked promising behind the REI if I didn't have my bike and trailer to conceal. Anyway, I've got laundry to do and stuff to mail home to myself that I don't need to be carrying. So maybe no progress for day 26. We'll see.

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