Made a mistake in my instructions for bypassing I-15 a few posts ago. I said to go from Redwood to 10400, but currently that's one of the many closed roads in this area. Instead go East on 12600, which becomes 12300 by the time you go under the first overpass; the second is I-15. The next left is called Factory Outlet Circle, which runs right next to I-15 going North for a while, but then becomes State St. at the next major intersection.

Some Couuchsurfers helped me out with directions, using a feature of Google Maps that shows walking routes, something I hadn't known about. So I'm encouraged to try I-80 again, knowing I have a Plan B that's only about 50 milss longer if I get barred from the Interstate shoulder in UT or NV.

So, the plan for tonight: back the way I came, then route 71 through Herriman, then Herriman Hwy/13100 to route 111, North about 1/4 mile, left around the mountains to Tooele, N on Main (route 36) to W Utah Ave, left, becomes 112, to E Main (route 138) through Grantsville to I-80W. No clue how much of that I can do in one night, but I'm really anxious to get the fuck out of Utah. It's not the people; they are as warm an friendly as one could possibly hope for. But, barring new construction, this place was made for cars, and cars only.

Speaking of construction: nobody seems to have informed this area about the worldwide economic depression. Or that sustainable living might be a worthwhile goal. don't get me started on the lawns.

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