Back through Riverton was easy. Then hit Herriman and passed through without incident. Somewhere in there I was eating breakfast sitting on a platic pallet outside a Maverik station, and admiring all the stunning young beauties walking in and out. Then one of them walks back from her car and hands me a $5 bill! "Thanks," I said, "but it's really not necessary." She said I should keep it, so I said I'd buy a beer and drink to her. She didn't seem to like that, but didn't ask for her money back. Then an even younger lady gives me a dollar. "Really," I said, "I'm not broke." "That's OK," she said, and walked away. "This is too weird" I thought, and biked away.

Leaving Herriman is farm country, and the nice shoulder I'd had all the way from the SLC area disappeared. I was dragging the bike and trailer uphill in the dirt, and riding downhill. On one nice ride down, I felt and heard something dragging. I stopped and looked. A hole! In my brand new drybag from REI! I cursed till my face turned blue, and then thought about it. It would still work for this trip, protecting the battery from rain. And once I finish my Brown's gas generator, I should be able to weld any type of plastic and fix this.

I passed mp 3 on 111 at about 1710 and rested there till the end of day 26. I don't know my total miles for the day, but am calling it 28.

Can anyone clue me in on how to use the attwifi signal at McD's? Unlike at Starbucks, I can never get redirected to login. At the start of day 27 I was at the McDonald's in Magna, and finished the "Bikin' to da Burn" sign on the back of my solar panel. I wasn't expecting Magna. My next town was supposed to have been Tooele (pronounced "to Willie"). But it was all downhill to and out of this town, so who's complaining? Had a weird experience with bricklayer Richard who said he wanted to do something nice for someone, then turns out, "I'm not a queer or nothin', but..." he wanted me to take a shower with him before he shared the sixpack with me. So I took my 3 bottles of Cutthroat and we went our separate ways.

Route 111 ended after a long downhill. I was lost, but took 201 West, which also soon ended (closed for construction, like so many roads in this area), so took 202 to I-80. Had a really hairy experience where the I-80 shoulder narrowed to 3 feet and the 18-wheelers were screaming past me inches away. But it's been fine since. I stopped in a "view area", though there wasn't much of a view at night, drank my beer, and slept. A cop pulled a car into the area and when he was done, came and chatted. Asked me if I knew what to expect and if I had enough food and water. No mention that I shouldn't be there on a bike. Good sign. And if he noticed the beer he didn't let on.

Got off the freeway at the next exit and headed to Grantsville. Slept in the park next to the fire station, and woke on my own without the assistance of a cop, which has been de rigeur the whole trip.

Just down the road was the Dead Dog Saloon, a friendly place. Followed a Cutthroat with Miller Lite, not wanting another Pale Ale stomach two days in a row. Bartender Trudy also serves a mean Knockwurst cooked in beer. 83-year old Burt bought me a beer. Almost hated to leave.

By 1730 day 27 I'd only made about 56 miles in 2 days, so decided to call it 28 for each. I don't mind losing some battles as long as I win the war.

Started day 28 at mp 5 of Utah route 138. Got on the Interstate, first milepost was 83. The Sinclair station in Delle was just opening as I got there. She let me fill up my water for free from the soda fountain, and I bought a breakfast burrito and coffee. Then I slept out by the picnic table. It's only open 0600 to 2200, and it's the last vestige of civilization for over 70 miles, so don't miss it.

Milepost 58 made 30 miles for day 28. Filled up water at a rest area only 2 miles later, and got a couple of free downhill miles, the last I was to have for a long time. Then it was walking and sleeping across the salt flats. I only made 24 miles, to mp 34, for day 29.

The next exit with services is exit 4, Bonneville Speedway. I was expecting to reach it Saturday night. Instead, here I am in Wendover, NV on Friday night. Roger and Ben gave me a ride of about 34 miles after I'd walked only about 2. Now to find a beer, a place with wifi to upload this, and hopefully a laundromat.

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