Eric gave me a ride to Reno, and he might take me all the rest of the way to Burning Man if I can keep my B. O. down. That made over 480 miles for day 30, only about two of those under my own power; the first 34 or so were in a pickup, and 450+ in a 40 foot motor home. Intrepid Wanderer is in the lap of luxury. Copout? I don't think so. I'd rather counted on getting a ride from a fellow Burner the last few hundred miles, although I was also mentally prepared to slog it out on my bike if necessary. Physically, though, I'm not sure I'd have been capable, especially that last 100+ miles of nothing on dirt roads between Winnemucca and Gerlach.

In any case, nothing is guaranteed, and anything can still happen at this point. I'd like to find an open wifi AP -- I was able to use the one at Starbucks just long enough to upload my blog and update my facebook status -- so I can read my email, but there should be wifi at Burning Man for that.

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