Did my 5 mile run through Helen Putnam park again yesterday, 1 hour and 5 minutes, didn't wheeze nearly as bad at the top of the hill. It took me about 23 minutes to make it to that point. Bought what I needed at Grocery Outlet and Petaluma Market, and cooked up a Shrimp Diablo for the first time; it might have been my first time cooking pasta as well (angel hair). Also tried cooking an artichoke for the first time, but that didn't turn out so well; I was thinking the whole leaves would soften, but I ended up overcooking the edible part while the tough part remained tough. Also yesterday I finally irrigated (earigated?) my ears and got a big gob of wax out of each. Got to do that regularly but keep forgetting until it gets so annoying (usually itchy, only painful if I wait way too long) I just have to.

Today we went to Tomales Bay on another kayak expedition. Bat rays were out in force; had at least 4 sightings, two of which I saw right under my kayak. And I finally decided to eat some poison oak in order to make myself immune: 3 of the small, shiny, red leaves. We'll see what happens... if you don't see any updates to this blog, you'll know it was a bad idea.

A lot of "firsts" lately... I'm feeling like something is going to happen any day now, and if I wait I might miss the opportunity.

Spry Hosting (VPSlink) just migrated servers to Massachusetts, and apparently they screwed up their accounting as well. In my current inebriated condition, I sent them a very foul, ALL CAPS email expressing my disgust and telling them to cancel the account. Trying to make me pay a second time for the same month? For their anemic virtual server? No thank you.

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