Today I jogged partly up Sonoma Mountain Road before I got tired, from 10:26 to 11:41, some stops at traffic lights in between. Then I walked as far as I could to Jack London Park before I got stopped by a gate near the top of the mountain. So I walked back, making it to the Lagunitas taproom by 16:07. I had a Lucky 13 ale, which I remembered was the first Lagunitas brew I'd ever tried, at the Safeway heading out of Placerville; an Imperial Stout; and a Cappuccino stout. Stopped again at Starbucks when I got downtown, and had a shower at the gym before returning home. I'd gone close to 20 miles without eating or hydrating, having for breakfast only about 6 ounces of kombucha and a slice of gluten-free bread.

It was a beautiful day, but I'm exhausted; and I've got lots of work to do, besides playing with colorForth, on which I've been spending a lot of time lately.

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