Since I was going to be alone this weekend, I figured I'd better put myself in survival mode so I wouldn't go crazy. Rode my bike to the Iron Springs Pub and Brewery in Fairfax, going west on Freitas and through the park on the bike trail. Had a couple pints of their coffee porter and a stout. I was three sheets to the wind; took several wrong turns and was headed deep into Marin when I asked someone for directions and got back on the right track.

My pub crawl ended last night at Picco in Larkspur, where I had a bottle of Lagunitas Censored after polishing off my order of Kennebec fries. From there, I mostly walked the bike into San Francisco, lacking appropriate lights and clothing for visibility. Signage sucked, and I got lost once. It looked like I was in a military housing area. The streets were all but empty; finally a friendly bicyclist came by, and told me I had to go back through the tunnel and around to the right, and I'd cross the Golden Gate. It worked. I made it to a bar before closing time, but didn't really feel like having any more beer.

Made it all the way downtown before finding out that the 24 Hour Fitness clubs near Market aren't open 24 hours on weekends. Had to go all the way back to the one at 1200 Van Ness. There I had a short workout, a shower, and even a short nap in the stretching room. Also snoozed a bit in the Market and 3rd Starbucks later, and once the fog boiled off, I guess between 10 and 11, laid down for a while in the park at Mission Bay. A loud explosion under my leg startled me and several passersby. My goddamned tire. Jon had warned me about the sidewall damage; the top-off I'd given it earlier today must have finished it off. Now I've got to get to the Bike Hut before closing and see if they can do anything for me.

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