Yesterday I forced myself to jog downtown, and after the first few blocks the pain was numbed to the point where the rest of the jog was easy. Didn't try it again today, though.

The bridge over my lower right rear molars came out today, for the first time, after eating some pork ribs. I'd thought I still had an amalgam filling beneath the bridge, but it doesn't look like one. So my mouth is finally metal-free, and I ought to be able to do a kidney cleanse with peroxide, which is dangerous with amalgam in the mouth.

Got my Nu-teck 16-inch airfree tire for the front of my BikeE recumbent today. Installed it, but the 20-inch Amerityre doesn't fit so I'm stuck with a pneumatic on the rear for now. Doesn't matter, because I'm headed to Lake Britton for about a week for some kayaking and camping.

Bought a 20-foot length of 1x1x1/8" angle iron at Maselli hardware yesterday, and carried it over two miles back to where I'm staying, where I'll be using it to build a new bicycle trailer. It was difficult carrying such an unwieldy piece of hardware, especially with members of the high school track or cross country team passing by every few blocks, but as they were mostly female it wasn't all that bad.

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