Saturday the 25th, 3 days after the first symptoms of viral infection, the worst was over; and Friday, the worst day, was still only discomfort in the throat. Sunday I was all but cured; this morning, Monday, there was just a slight reminder of the infection. I got off easy; if this was this year's H1N1 I've got nothing to worry about.

Kayaked up the Noyo river on Sunday as far as the Skunk Train trestle. An ebb tide was in progress, and on our way back the shallow water for the first half mile was too low to navigate; had to reach out and "crawl" our way along.

A river like that would be a good place to test living as a group in preparation for a Marshall Savage-esque floating island. Live on the water, but in easy reach of land; nobody around to hassle you for fishing licenses, and so quiet you'd hear a motorboat from a mile away; civilization is just 3 or 4 miles away.

Walking with friends along the Mendocino headlands this morning, we noticed a succulent-leaved plant that looked a lot like kale. Indeed it was; this Google books result indicates it was planted there by Chinese settlers over 100 years ago. It looks as though the sandstone could be carved easily into shelters, but wouldn't be very strong. One person walking overhead could cave in your dwelling.

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