I keep thinking about some fuzzy seedballs that floated by us on the Noyo the other day. They'd land on the water, then get caught up in the breeze again and lift off; those were some strongly hydrophobic fibers, the ends bifurcated or split N ways. If I knew how to spin, I could maybe make some useful garments out of something like that.

After months of not knowing how to customize my X windows display -- yes, I know how to Google, but there's so much out-of-date and conflicting information out there -- and not wanting to go with KDE or Gnome, I finally found the .fluxbox/startup file in my home directory and added:

xset m 1 1   # slow down the mouse
urxvt -tn rxvt -fn xft:Courier\ New -rv 2>/dev/null &
urxvt -tn rxvt -fn xft:Courier\ New -rv 2>/dev/null &
firefox 2>/dev/null &

I've been amazingly clearheaded for programming lately; still far from the peak in my late teens when I got dangerously close to The Answer, but much better than most of the past 10 years. I can't help but wonder if all the toxins, antibiotics, hormones and stuff in our dental work, our food and environment are all part of a conspiracy to dumb us down. Did America's ruling class let dentists put amalgam in their childrens' teeth? I doubt it.

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