Woke up this morning with a snippet of the last song I heard in the dream world: "wonder if I got wise to this, and fled from this, I'd fly... wonder if I got tired of this, I'd die." Many, many mornings I have little parts of songs in my head when I wake up, most with nonsense lyrics (the above are not exactly what I heard), but I don't always get them down on awakening. Hope I remember the tune to this one, it's catchy.

Thinking about the dream world, and all the signs of low gravity I always see there, I'm slowly putting together a picture of life after death, probably strongly influenced by Bob Monroe and other paranormal authors I read over the years. When you die, some of your relatives, close friends, and/or co-religionists (is that a word?) will be waiting for you to welcome you into the afterlife. The Christians will have their Heaven and Hell, or quite possibly multiple Heavens and Hells, one set per sect. Their world is based here on Earth, but at some higher vibration invisible to most of the living most of the time. So there's lots of room for dour souls to go moping around underground, going over and over their guilt. And there's even more room for those of us who reject authority and "things as they are" to go flying around building new worlds, planning for re-entry into the next available slot for another chance to shake things up in this three-dimensional playground we here call "reality".

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