Poison oak itch only needed one shower yesterday; no longer necessary at night, since scratching no longer makes it worse.

Caught a wild yeast about two weeks ago, leaving uncovered thawed concentrate outside for about a week. Didn't have any indication that I'd caught anything, but brought it inside, skimmed off the mold that had started forming, and poured the two cans into a Carlo Rossi jug I'd saved. Added water to fill, capped with a #6.5 bung and airlock, and left it alone. It started bubbling within two or 3 days, and has been going strong for about a week now. It's slowing down, though. I'll probably siphon some off for a taste in another few days.

Since some seeds are mucilaginous, and a single type of sprout can be pretty boring, I'm going to try mixing it up. Bought some lentils, mung beans, wild rice, and forbidden rice at Andy's and put a little of each into a glass. We'll see what sprouts and what doesn't.

Sprouting seeds is like a 72-hour garden, requiring only about 15 minutes of actual care over that period. Truly a lazy man's way of gardening. If I could find some combination of sprouts that don't make me gag, and provides most of my nutritional needs, it could be the end of my bad eating habits; and it's eminently affordable. Then to complete the cycle, I could maybe grow some things to seed in a floating garden in the Petaluma marsh.

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