A guy who ran across my blog after getting a tract mailed to him by Peter Koska did some calling around, and gave me permission to share this:

I just had a conversation with the county Sheriff where Koska resides. Evidently he's a nut case born of a nut case... a perfect example of the abused becoming an abuser. His father is a wicked man who is currently in a facility for the insane.

The secret service has investigated him for threatening the president. So there's a pretty extensive dossier on the guy.

The local authority is keeping an on-going eye on him... evidently he does this sort of thing every so often and scattershots letters with his particular brand of religious zealotry across the country.

Anyway, the Sheriff tells me that the guy hardly ever leaves his property in Wisconsin (though your mention of his hitchhiking in California seems to indicate differently) and he has several arrests on his record for assaulting women (probably upstart women who think they should wear pants and drive cars).

I'm giving a talk at Ignite Petaluma this evening. And one of my articles will soon be featured at WikiHow.

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