At Payne's Creek Sportsmen's Club, hiked all day, took a wrong turn, but got back before dark. Had a 28 ounce bottle of Alaskan Amber to celebrate. Doesn't take much for me to want to celebrate when I've got good beer around.

DigitalPersona's OneTouch SDK for Windows has at least one glaring bug, in which DPFPEnrollment.addFeatures() both throws a DPFPImageQualityException and corrupts the growing template, making it worthless. Found a workaround by storing each DPFPFeatureSet from the fingerprint scans and building a throwaway DPFPEnrollment on which to add the next scan. If it fails, it doesn't corrupt the "real" one needed for the template. I looked at the code for their java Console sample; they check for the image quality exception during feature extraction: lose.

Poison oak itch just about gone, unless I picked up some new urushiol today.

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