When I did my 2-mile+ jog this morning I wore a pair of wool socks over my hands as mittens. They worked really well, and for once I didn't freeze my hands on a cold November morning.

I keep forgetting to pack some small but strong synthetic rope with me for use in tying things down and for possible emergency rappelling for short distances. Finally found some good quality small carabiners, the 'S-biner' by NiteIze. Not the plastic ones, but the metal. Thinking of making several loops of poly cord and clipping them into a necklace with one of the biners. Yes, I know about the survival bracelets, but who the hell wants to use one short of a life-and-death situation when you have to braid it all back together afterwards?

Had a dream this morning watching a stream of characters zoom past me in an infinite train. At least some of them were Chinese ideograms, maybe all of them. I woke up remembering that, but not what I was doing to them; I was stopping the stream, analyzing bits of it, and letting it go again, but can't remember for what purpose. It may have had something to do with the new bioinformatics project I'm working on.

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