The thought just occurred to me that Black Rock City might have a zipcode. I wonder if I could use a BRC address for any purpose for which receiving mail is unimportant. The thought came when I was imagining trying to explain my clothing decisions: I live in BRC, where a coffee cup hanging off a carabiner on one's belt is commonplace. Everywhere else: I'm just visiting.

Glad Starbucks is finally over their Christmas music kick. Goddamn, that shit is irritating. Sent a couple of nastygrams to the Sirius Chill channel, too.

What is it with otherwise decent singers trying to put a new spin on these tired old songs by changing a few notes here and there? It just sounds lame. If you're not really roasting chestnuts over an open fire, don't think you can sing about it. And when was the last time you rode in a one-horse open sleigh?

OK, done ranting. Got to build another house of cards to get me through this genome data. I can't seem to come up with the right data model, so each time I reach a certain point, the code I have is too brittle to handle the requirements, and it all comes crashing down. "Build one to throw away" is a sound strategy. I've built several already, and it's getting old.

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