I found out for sure, on the last trip, that I need a more powerful folding PV panel to charge my iPod. The 6.5-watter can just barely get the iTouch thinking it's plugged in, but not able to charge up.

I had some great chicharrones in La Paz, from the Aramburo supermarket, two different kinds: one mostly skin, the other mostly meat. When I got home, I looked it up, and they're made from pork bellies: just like bacon! Except, no curing is necessary. I think it will make great Burning Man food. I bought a piece of pork belly from G and G and plan to try out a recipe soon.

I want to make a short movie called Innocent Until Proven Guilty, pointing out that while we give that concept lip service, our cops treat suspects as criminals, almost universally. The movie would show both an example of how a suspect is currently abused, and then how he would be treated if he were truly considered innocent.

Another generator idea: small turbine on a rope, spin it around over your head and it generates electricity. A directly-attached ceramic tube wrapped in a nichrome wire and insulated, can cook your food in minutes.

It looks as though I "fixed" the Apache crash problem on my Tektonic server by changing the logrotate script to do a restart rather than a reload. Crappy, but I eventually want to switch to lighttpd anyway.

I did a 12-mile jog/walk to Novato the other day, leaving at 9:55, jogging about 4.5 miles by 11:07, then walking the rest of the way. Got on the railroad track south of the landfill road, and got to Starbucks on Olive by 1320; 3 hours 25 minutes in all. Not good by any means, but a start towards going to SF on foot.

I'm thinking about a small ultralight exoskeleton, a few fiberglass rods forming a "wireframe" around my body, protecting me from crashes.

To make a disributed transportation system that is not controlled nor taxed, we need to develop a universal system of hand signals. While waiting at a bus stop in Novato, a rider will hold out two fingers on his left hand and three on his right, indicating he'll pay $3 to go to Rohnert Park, two towns up the highway. A driver can just stop in front of that person and nod acceptance, or wrap 4 fingers around the steering wheel to indicate ey'll do it for $4. Nobody who's not paying close attention would ever know this was anything but someone being picked up by an acquaintance.

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