Tried again putting my recumbent on the bus, this time the Sonoma #48 to Cotati. It fit! So I took it back off and rode, saving myself $1.80. Then on the way home, after dark, I took the #44 from Rohnert Park Expressway. The trick is to turn the front wheel around, which, due to the way the BikeE is constructed, shortens it by a few inches. I also use a bungee cord to help secure the back end.

The bus had a sign "Free Wifi", so I scanned and found the AP "Bus211". But it needed a key, and the driver claimed he didn't know it. Lot of fucking good that does.

Finished Guns, Germs, and Steel yesterday. Very well-written book. The author mentions that sorghum does well in arid climates. Maybe desert? It can be used to make beer.

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