Slept way too late, had some strange dreams. In one a woman I don't remember ever seeing before appoached me in a dreamworld alley and started talking to me. She had a roundish face, penetrating eyes, and a tight, expectant smile. I couldn't understand what she was saying at first. Then: "were you part of a crack team?" She started singing: "su su SU borDEAUX!" it sounded like. The notes were sol-sol-DO-sol-LA. I figured out what she was getting at. "You've been reading my blog, haven't you? No, I don't remember that. Which one of my dreams did you recognize?" I don't remember any more, my memory segues into other dreams which, while somewhat interesting to me, seem to be just the mind rehashing experiences rather than communication "backstage", to borrow Neil Gaiman's term from American Gods.

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