Cut myself shaving today, same old spot. Seems there's still some residual pieces of the mole there. Maybe will have to make a 3rd attempt with the black salve.

Got a TracFone yesterday at Target, $31 gets you a phone plus 130 minutes. Fucking amazing. This is just for a software development gig, I am not planning to get hooked back into the telephone matrix.

Besides growing my own sprouts, I'm starting to eat sardines (King Oscar Tiny Tots, two layers in olive oil, preferentially) on the advice of Dr. Mark Hyman in his book The UltraMind Solution. The Omega-3 oils are supposed to help fix my "broken brain". We'll see.

Fixed my Skorpion multi-terrain skates, finally, today, mounting the new brakes to the inside of each skate, leaving the old brakes on the outsides. None of the websites make it clear if all you get is the rubber part, or the plastic part too; you get both, plus new screws.

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