Last Friday when I caught the last 44 from RP to Petaluma, the wifi was working: SSID SCT_On-BoardWiFi. There was also a secured SSID 208, the bus number. So apparently, each bus has a secured and an unsecured AP when everything is working.

Making progress on living a zero-waste lifestyle. Bought a Rubbermaid container at Goodwill, and tried at various stores to see if they'd sell me meat in it. Petaluma Market: no, their scales are old and cannot tare my container (I don't believe it, but whatever). The concept was so foreign to the butcher at Lucky (on Lakeville) that I had to explain what I wanted 3 different ways; then the answer was no. Apparently some people will have to go to Burning Man before the concept of zero waste can even get planted in their brains.

The director of Oliver's in Cotati already answered my email and said yes they would, but, trying to avoid that long ride on a cloudy day, tried at G and G first. They would, but not the Estancia ground beef I wanted. Sokay, I got some $1.99 factory farm shit this time.

Passed a guy in the park spraying herbicide. I asked him, "spraying poison?". He answered, "Basically." Avoiding the temptation to get off my bike and throttle him, I just said "not a good idea, man."

They finally finished the railroad crossing at the end of that road paralleling Lakeville. Really nice job, too. And I found out that if you walk the tracks for a bit, you can bike the rest of the way out to the marina without that crazy traffic along Lakeville.

Also stopped by the bridge across the creek, on the Petaluma bike path, where someone is guerrilla-gardening nopales, and planted some tomato seeds. I'm getting more consistent at doing this since revising my goal at LifeTango.

The black salve had whitened part of the mole, but the bandage had rubbed it off most of the top before it had a chance to do its work. So I cut down the cap of a small plastic bottle to hold it in place, and put some more on this morning. I can feel it burning away.

Night before last, my throat started feeling like there's some kind of bug attacking it. During the day it feels better, but then in the morning it's bad again. Hoping to kick it soon without infecting anyone else.

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