That mole on which I put the black salve was only partially whitened by it; the rest of the salve oozed out and burned a large area, maybe 1/2 inch in diameter, lower on my knee. It hurts like hell, and I won't be putting any more on until this heals. It's a nasty-looking mess, black in the middle and white around the edges.

No work for the last few days, so I was hoping to make progress on my own projects; doesn't seem to be happening. Can't seem to get my mind in gear, and keep indulging distractions like Facebook and Topix.

Found a local market that will sell me meat in my own container, G and G. But the good Estancia ground beef only comes prepackaged, so I hope to be off to Cotati someday soon to get some grass-fed. Oliver's Market there will sell it to me without disposable packaging also.

A fly laid a large string of eggs on my drying chorizo, but I rubbed them off and the links seem to be doing fine. My plan is to try one a month for 6 months, leaving them hanging outside as they are, no refrigeration.

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